Green Coast Radio ( taps into a largely overlooked side of cannabis culture and our individual encounter with it.  We all know that music coupled with cannabis can give us a feeling of euphoria and connectedness to the music, our deeper selves and the world around us.  In that instance we hear the music from note to note, time stands still and we live for each note, completely immersed in that moment.  This is the connection we stream to our worldwide audience every hour of every day.

Green Coast Radio is a platform that goes beyond the limits of other media that’s available to our cannabis voices.  This is where we have uncensored conversation with adult language and play some great music.

     Our combined mix of retro vibes and modern beats, weaves together the rich tapestry of cannabis culture and iconic pop moments that defy the decades.  Streaming around the clock, we’re not just an online station; we’re a cultural hub for the canna-curious and retro enthusiasts alike, pioneering a new wave of dialogues and tunes.

Our mission?  To dismantle outdated perceptions of cannabis and refresh the narrative with groundbreaking talk shows, captivating storytelling, and music that grooves to the beat of progress.  We’re the alternative voice in a sea of conformity, a space where cannabis culture isn’t just featured—it thrives and evolves.

As a beacon of the airwaves free from Big Tech’s restrictive grip, Green Coast Radio offers a unique advertising platform for brands that share our vision.  Engage with a diverse audience of listeners, from seasoned aficionados to those just starting their journey, all tuned in to rediscover the classics and explore the edges of cannabis culture.

For a competitive monthly fee, we invite cannabis brands to broadcast their unfiltered message globally, to a discerning audience ready to listen, engage, and embrace.  It’s not just about airtime; it’s about impact.  Align your brand with ours, and let’s set the tone for a new era together.  Reach dedicated listeners and place your brand on the forefront, not just in the market, but in the movement.  Join us on Green Coast Radio—where culture, cannabis, and commerce harmonize.

Green Coast Radio Stats

– Launched on October 8th, 2021

– It’s heard in over 103 countries

– 11,000 + Total Listening hours a week (TLH)

– Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Cannabuzz, TheSizlit, Strainly

 Radio Ad Information:

  • All radio ads are 60 sec in length
  • Radio ads that are read by on air personalities for show sponsorship are 30 sec in length.
  • All rates are for a four (4) week commitment.



Gold    $1,700

  • 60 sec ad……124 spots a month during our daytime broadcast (6am-8pm).
  • Sponsor of “Air Tight”.  A popular one hour music show of rarely heard songs.  Mon, Wed and Fri. 2am, 9am, 2pm & 8pm…48 spots a month
  • A 3″x 2″ online ad that appears on our website’s sponsor roll, with back links for the duration of the ad campaign.

Silver   $1,100

  • 60 sec ad……124 spots a month during our daytime broadcast (6am-8pm).
  • A 3″x 2″ online ad that appears on our website’s sponsor roll, with back links for the duration of the ad campaign.

Bronze     $800

  • 60 sec. audio ad will randomly play at least 3x a day during a 24hr broadcast day.…approx 90 spots a month.

The Hero Hour     $600  Best Value

  • A sponsored hour of “commercial free” music.  Your 60 second ad will play at the top of an hour of commercial free music and will be the only ad heard for that hour.  Your music hour will be heard 5x a week (Mon-Fri) for four weeks during our primetime hours (8am-6pm PST).

For the complete advertising PDF please email us with your name, company name and a short message at [email protected], or call us at (805) 421 7803.  You will be in contact within 48hrs.