Submit a Record Album Review


Do you think you can write a music record review?  Green Coast Radio wants to know what your favorite music album is and why.  We will pay $40 for a 650 – 700 word music album review.  Here are the guidelines for submitting a review

  • It MUST be an honest and neutral review of an album.
  • Green Coast Radio will only pay for 650 – 700 words per review. If reviewers want to submit an 800 word review, that’s fine.  If we use it and publish it on the website you will only be paid for 650 – 700 words, we don’t pay extra for extra words.
  • All reviews must be print ready.  If we have to edit too much of the review to make it sound right, we won’t publish it.
  • Reviewers only get paid for album reviews that are published on our website.  You do not get paid for only submitting a review.
  • Reviewers get “By line” credit when their album review is published.

Please submit all reviews to [email protected] with the heading of “Album Review”.


Submit Your Music to Green Coast Radio

Thank you for wanting to submit music to the station.  Before you submit music to be played on Green Coast Radio, please listen to the station for an hour first.  We tend to focus on a rarely heard mix of music.  Some people’s taste in music is different than ours, so it saves everybody time if people know what we’re more likely to play.

If you want to submit your music please email these things to us at [email protected] with the heading “New Music”.

  • Your name and email address
  • The music track in MP3 form
  • Artist name
  • Track title
  • Album title
  • 300×300 album art
  • The year the track came out.


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