Warning: When you do anything cannabis related at home, please look up and read your local and state cannabis regulations.  This way you know what your rights and limitations are.

The temperature is warming up, spring is coming.  If you’re anything like me, you’re not just daydreaming about what fruits and vegetables are going in our garden this year.  We’re also thinking about which cannabis veritals/strain we want to grow this year.  But before we put any cannabis seeds in the soil, let’s talk about some things we need to think about when we’re looking for the best place to locate our cannabis garden. 

  • Plant your cannabis plant in a 3-5 gal nursery pot or container.  This seems to be a good manageable size for new growers.
  • Locate your garden in natural breezeways in your yard.  The breeze is important for a couple of different reasons.  First, the breeze makes the plant sway or flex back and forth, which helps strengthen the plant.  Secondly, that breeze helps dry any moisture that may settle on the leaves (morning dew).  This is important because if moisture sits on the leaf surface too long, it could cause or attract fungus or mold.  
  • Cannabis plants LOVE direct sunlight so choose a nice sunny spot in your garden.  Be aware that most cannabis plants will need filtered sunlight if midday temps are higher than 85 degrees.  High temperatures can cause slow growth in some varieties of cannabis.  
  • Remember, even though cannabis is legal in your town, it’s still a high value plant. 
  • With security in mind, make sure your cannabis garden is not against a fence where strangers could walk by and easily steal your plant (i.e. hiking trail or alley).

I hope these suggestions help you get a better idea of where to put your cannabis garden when you’re walking around your backyard.