by Alex Robles & Xochipilli

Are you tired of the sketchy seed deals and wondering if ordering cannabis seeds online is even legal?  Well, wonder no more my friends, because the DEA has finally come to their senses and deemed it okay to order and ship cannabis seeds using the good old USPS (United States Postal Service).  That’s right, you can now order your legal cannabis seeds online with the same convenience and legality as ordering a new pair of socks or a book on how to grow cannabis.

First things first, let’s talk about the legality of it all.  With the legalization of cannabis in many states, it’s important to make sure that the seeds you are ordering are state-compliant and legal for cultivation.  Online cannabis seed retailers, such as “The Auto Flower Store” cannabis seed bank, take the guesswork out of this by only offering seeds that are legally able to be shipped to your state.

But, let’s not forget about the importance of quality control.  When you order from a reputable seed bank, such as “The Auto Flower Store”, you can trust that the seeds you receive are of the highest quality and have been properly stored to ensure optimal germination rates.  And, if you’re feeling fancy, you can even order feminized or auto-flowering seeds for an even easier cultivation experience.

When it comes to shipping, the USPS has got you covered.  With the ability to track your package and the added security of shipping with a government-run agency, you can rest easy knowing that your legal cannabis seeds will make it to your doorstep without any hiccups.  Just make sure to keep it on the down-low, we wouldn’t want your neighbors to think you’re running some sort of underground seed cartel.

Now, let’s talk about cost savings.  You might be thinking “but wait, won’t buying cannabis seeds online be more expensive than a sketchy seed deal?”.  And, while it’s true that the cost may be slightly higher, the peace of mind and legality of it all is worth the extra few bucks.

Ordering and shipping cannabis seeds using the USPS is now a legal and easy option for those looking to start their own legal cannabis cultivation.  By ordering from a reputable seed bank, such as “The Auto Flower Store”, and taking advantage of the convenience and security of shipping with the USPS, you can trust that your seeds will be of the highest quality and arrive at