Shizu’s story begins on the western fringes of the vast supercontinent Pangaea, in a region ravaged by famine.  As a young pup, he was orphaned, left to fend for himself in a harsh and unforgiving landscape.  His early days were marked by struggle and survival against the odds, shaping him into a resilient and resourceful individual.

In these dire circumstances, Shizu’s life took a pivotal turn when he was discovered by the Sloth warrior monks of the southern tropical region.  Known for their wisdom and unique martial arts, these monks were revered across Pangaea . They took Shizu under their wing, recognizing a fierce spirit and potential in the young Coyman.

Under the tutelage of the Sloth monks, Shizu underwent rigorous training, both physically and mentally.  He learned the ancient martial arts of the monks, honed his natural agility and strength, and was educated in the ways of strategy and wisdom.  The monks, despite their slow and deliberate nature, taught him the value of patience, observation, and timing in combat.

As Shizu grew into adulthood, he evolved into a formidable warrior, combining his innate coyote instincts with the skilled teachings of the Sloth monks.  However, the peaceful life of training and meditation couldn’t quell his restless spirit and the yearning to explore beyond the confines of the monastery.

With the blessings of his mentors, Shizu set out into the world as a samurai for hire.  His unique heritage as a Coyman and the diverse skills acquired from the Sloth monks made him a sought-after warrior in the lands of Pangaea.  He took on various missions, from guarding caravans across treacherous terrains to settling disputes among warring factions.

Despite his fearsome reputation, Shizu carried the teachings of the Sloth monks in his heart.  He adhered to a strict code of honor, often meditating on their teachings and seeking to balance his fierce warrior nature with the tranquility and wisdom imparted by his guardians.

As he journeys across Pangaea, Shizu not only faces physical battles but also the challenges of his identity and the quest to find his place in a vast, ever-changing world.  His story is one of adventure, self-discovery, and the eternal conflict between the wild instincts of nature and the disciplined path of the warrior.

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