Water Only TLO – Can be combined with Teas!!!

Base mix:

1. 1/3 sphagnum peat moss

2. 1/3 aération (perlite, pumice, lava rock, rice hulls, etc.)

3. 1/3 HIGH QUALITY compost and/or worm casting

To every 1 cubic foot (~7.5 gallons) of the base mix add :

1. 1/2 cup kelp meal

2. 1/2 cup crab shell meal

3. 1/2 cup neem or karanja cake

4. 1 cup gypsum

5. 1 cup CaCO3 (oyster shell flour, dolomite lime, calcitic lime, etc.)

6. 4-5 cups rock dust per cf Rock dust should be super fine: the consistency of flour.

That’s it!  The key here is quality compost/worm castings.  That is the LIVING part that makes this whole soil mix work.  So it must be HIGH QUALITY.  Water with dechlorinated water and you are set!!  No pHing, no checking the TDS of run off, no cal/mag, no BS!

And best of all it works fabulously in a SIP!!!