• Real Life Shhh with Chrissy: Friday 1am, 7am & 4pm PST

    October 9, 2023  /  Chrissy

    You’re listening to Real life Shhhhh, where we talk about real life shit, secretiveness and shame are now thrown out the window as we discover the morals of our own stories and the gift that The Divine has presented to us, with courage and power that comes with the simple act of truly seeing with […]

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  • Turned On: Wednesday 3:30am, 12:30pm & 6:30pm

    February 5, 2031  /  Ben Gomori


    Ben Gomori is a DJ, producer, podcaster, label owner and event curator from London.  He runs the acclaimed Monologues Records label, and is the man behind official afro edits label Sterns Edits and vinyl-only imprint G-Edits (where he releases edits under his G. Markus alias).  He hosts the weekly Turned On podcast, where he plays […]

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  • Select Saturday’s 11am & 7pm every Saturday

    January 7, 2024  /  MonstrDrop

    Tune into Green Coast Radio every #Saturday for a high-voltage #EDM experience with “Select Saturdays,” streaming at 11 AM and 7 PM PST.  Curated by the dynamic duo of DJ Monstr Drop (Vance Garcia) and the strategic genius of DJ Plagiarhythm, this show promises to electrify your #weekends with fresh #electronic beats. Hosted by DJ […]

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