January 7, 2024  /  MonstrDrop

Tune into Green Coast Radio every #Saturday for a high-voltage #EDM experience with “Select Saturdays,” streaming at 11 AM and 7 PM PST.  Curated by the dynamic duo of DJ Monstr Drop (Vance Garcia) and the strategic genius of DJ Plagiarhythm, this show promises to electrify your #weekends with fresh #electronic beats.

Hosted by DJ Monstr Drop, a master of house music from Ventura County, and known for his energetic and high-powered performances across Southern California’s top venues.  Monstr Drop brings his expert mixing and a keen ear for groundbreaking tracks, setting the stage for an electrifying auditory experience. From funky grooves to big room anthems, his sets invite listeners to experience the pulsating energy of live events.

DJ Plagiarhythm adds a rich layer of expertise with his knack for discovering and promoting rising stars within the electronic music domain.  Together, they spotlight one special guest DJ each week, sharing thrilling sets and exclusive tracks that you won’t hear anywhere else.

“Select Saturdays”  Each episode is a unique blend of soundscapes, where the rhythms of tech house, progressive, and big room house come alive.

Prepare for a musical journey that showcases tomorrow’s top EDM talent today. Whether you’re a house music enthusiast or a lover of all things EDM, “Select Saturdays” will keep you coming back for more with its perfect mix of known tracks and undiscovered gems.

Join DJ Monstr Drop and DJ Plagiarhythm every Saturday to kickstart your weekend with a bang!

Don’t miss out—set your alarm for the ultimate Saturday EDM fest, only on Green Coast Radio.