January 7, 2024  /  MonstrDrop

The Pulse of EDM with MonstrDrop

Elevate your weekends with “Select Saturdays,” a riveting EDM showcase on Green Coast Radio, every Saturday at 11am and 7pm. Curated and produced by the dynamic Vance Garcia, better known as MonstrDrop, this show is an electrifying journey through the heart of house music.

🎧 Hailing from Ventura County, Southern California, MonstrDrop is not just a DJ but a maestro of dance music. Specializing in everything from the funky grooves of tech house to the exhilarating highs of big room and progressive house, he has lit up some of Southern California’s most prestigious venues.

🌟 During the unprecedented times of the Covid-19 pandemic, MonstrDrop pivoted to create “Frequency Fridays” on The Office Radio, a platform championing emerging talents.   Today, he brings his expertise to “Select Saturdays,” a weekly web radio show on greencoastradio.com.  Each episode is a unique experience, spotlighting the prowess of special guest DJ’s and delivering an unmissable audio experience.

💥 Don’t miss the MONSTR sound that’s shaking up the dance music scene. Tune in to “Select Saturdays” with MonstrDrop and experience a world where beats never stop and the dance floor is always alive!

🎶 Join us and feel the energy of unparalleled EDM on Select Saturdays – where every beat is an adventure! 🎉

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MERCH: https://monstrdrop.creator-spring.com