January 3, 2024  /  Ardas

Β A Journey Through the Grateful Dead Legacy

Embark on an epic musical voyage with “Grateful Grooves,” exclusively on Green Coast Radio!Β  Host Ardas, a devoted Deadhead, has meticulously compiled an awe-inspiring collection of over 10,000 hours of Grateful Dead concerts – and yes, you read that right, 10,000 hours!

🌟 Every Sunday at 1 am and 1 pm, join Ardas on Greencoastradio.com as we delve deep into the rich tapestry of the Grateful Dead’s musical journey.Β  Each show is a unique experience, exploring the vast and varied legacy of one of rock’s most legendary bands.

From the psychedelic sounds of the ’60s to the classic rock anthems of the ’70s and beyond, “Grateful Grooves” is your ticket to reliving the magic of the Grateful Dead.Β  Experience the iconic live performances that made history and discover hidden gems from the band’s extensive archive.

🎢 Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering the Grateful Dead, Ardas’s passion and expertise bring each concert to life, offering insights, stories, and the kind of in-depth knowledge only a true aficionado can provide.

🌈 Tune in and turn on to “Grateful Grooves” for a soulful, foot-tapping journey through the world of the Grateful Dead.Β  Let’s dance through decades of incredible music, one show at a time! 🎸🌻