January 1, 1970  /  Sean Hocking

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Helmed by the seasoned Sean Hocking, the sage behind the illustrious Cannabis Law Report & Cannabis Law Journal, every episode is a dive into the profound with experts donning various mantles – be it lawyers, accountants, CEO’s or policy makers.  Each week, you’re not just skimming the surface but diving into the depths of legislation, compliance, and policies shaping the cannabis and psychedelic sectors not just in the USA, but globally. 🌏

The dialogues on Karma Koala go beyond the superficial chatter, delving deeper to unearth the essence of how knowledge in law and policy can navigate you through the complex landscapes of cannabis and psychedelics.  Sean’s 35-year legacy in legal publishing is the compass guiding these conversations through the uncharted waters of law and compliance, shedding light on dimensions often overlooked. 🎙️

Amidst the serious dissections of law, expect a whimsical detour into the world of leftfield music.  The symphony of odd tunes and hearty laughter is the gentle breeze amidst the dense discussions, adding a hue of whimsy to the intense explorations. 🎶

The extensive industry insights shared by long-term independent thought leaders and a pinch of cynicism make for a potion that not only educates but provokes thought, nudging you to view the cannabis and psychedelic scenes through a kaleidoscopic lens of law, compliance, and a tad bit of musical eccentricity. 🎵

Tune into the Karma Koala podcast and let the amalgam of expert dialogues and whimsical tunes refine your understanding and curiosity.  Engage in conversations that matter, understand the unspoken legal hymns of the cannabis and psychedelic world.  Your Thursdays are set for an intellectual feast with a dash of musical quirk. 🎧

Don’t just stay on the surface, step in deeper with Karma Koala, where law, psychedelics, cannabis, and music rendezvous for a tête-à-tête like no other! 🐨