October 15, 2022  /  Queenie & T T

Casual conversation for the curious, bewildered and aspiring mid-life cannabis queens. 
Queenie is a 63-year-old mother of three, grandmother of four who is semi-retired and very curious! She grew up the oldest of three in a middle class suburban neighborhood in Upstate NY with a Dad who was a Sr. Investigator with the New York State Police and a Mom who was an ER nurse.
It’s a story of a local girl staying local . . . her big move was one county to the north! After working and volunteering in leadership roles in multiple industries (healthcare, HR/staffing, real estate, senior housing, education, golf, and philanthropy) she is ready to Open the Door and leave the cannabis closet to enjoy all the benefits of legal cannabis!
TT is a 63 year-old mother of three sons and one chosen daughter. She works full time and is still lurking in the closet lest certain key people disapprove.  TT grew up in the same part of the world as Queenie, and has been her sidekick since high school days. TT has worked in social work, education, administration, and event planning. She has volunteered for many social justice and faith based organizations (gasp!).  She moved a thousand miles away from Queenie more than a decade ago, but their bond cannot be destroyed by mere miles.