October 9, 2023  /  Chrissy

You’re listening to Real life Shhhhh, where we talk about real life shit, secretiveness and shame are now thrown out the window as we discover the morals of our own stories and the gift that The Divine has presented to us, with courage and power that comes with the simple act of truly seeing with Divine eyes.
If you never met me or got to hear my story, most people would just assume that I’m the typical grown version of the white girl next door, all though, I may look the part and yes, I defiantly live a pretty boring life as a mother of two, with a husband and family dog, I have secrets and shame that have held me down for far too long. Real Life Shhh is about reclaiming our light, power, and WORTH! Some say, that I’ve been through hell and back, I say, I’ve just walked through many voids that have actually shaped me into the strong being I am today. On Real Life Shhh, we give credit to The Divine. Who is The Divine??? The Divine, is our higher power… some call The Divine, God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Earth or Yeshua, these identities are all the same, one Source, one God… Some organizations will tell you, that he goes by one name, that is Jesus, if that is what you are comfortable with my love, so it is, in the end what ever you want to call it, Him, Them, Her, and so on is THE DIVINE, the light, the shadow, THE ALL. We are all divine spirits who chose to live here on this earth together at this exact time, our “purpose” is to become what The Divine has designed us to be, instruments for The Divine, for all of us to co-exsist, co-create and to ENJOY this gift called life here on earth, while still being centered and connected to our real home, The Divine, The Vertical, The Light.