October 22, 2021  /  Alex Robles

The In My Grow Show is a cannabis podcast that is dedicated to taking the mystery out of growing and using cannabis and hemp.  It is hosted by Alex Robles who is the founder of Inmygrow.com, which is a resource site for beginner cannabis home growers.  The show tries to be a bridge between the fast changing cannabis conversation and the general public.   

Alex has been using cannabis to celebrate and medicate with, for the past 30yrs. He firmly believes that every adult should have the right to grow cannabis for medical and recreational use.  Since 2010 he’s been cultivating cannabis for his own personal use and in that time he’s helped dozens of people learn how to grow cannabis at home.  In 2016 he began sharing what he’s learned when he starting Inmygrow.com, a website dedicated to taking the mystery out of growing and using cannabis/hemp.  When California allowed cannabis sales and possession for adults over the age of 21yrs in 2018, Alex launched a weekly podcast called “In My Grow Show”.  The podcast has given him the opportunity to expand the conversation beyond cannabis cultivation and the cannabis culture.  He’s been able to dive deeper into our relationship with this plant by talking with doctors, lawyers, religious leaders, community activists and law enforcement.  Alex wants to invite you to discover the podcast “In My Grow Show”, which can be found on all the major podcast platforms and on YouTube at youtube.com/inmygrowshow.  

In My Grow Show website.